When Brad was 3 years old, he became fascinated with weather and got interested in the subject of meteorology. Now 23 and recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Atmospheric Science from the University of Kansas, Brad is helping the Mitzvah Garden forecast weather patterns to aid in our planting and harvesting activities.  

Throughout his life, Brad has lived in Overland Park and is very passionate about weather and the science that is involved. According to Brad, "The weather here can change quickly as we live in the center of the country; however, with my weather forecasts, you can be ready for what mother nature tries to throw at us".

Welcome to the Garden and thank you for your help and passion.  

Your Gardening Forecast

Mitzvah Garden KC

​Due to the gardening season ending at the Mitzvah Garden, I have stopped making weather forecasts on this site. I may return to make forecasts on the site again in Spring of 2017. If I return, it would most likely be in late March or early April. Thank you to those of you who relied on these forecasts for your gardening needs. If you would like to provide any feedback about the forecast section of the site, you can let Mr. Kaplan know through the website, or let me know in person (any suggestions on improvements would be great!). Overall, we avoided drought conditions, had plenty of rainfall, and little to no issues with cold weather through the 2016 gardening season.

Meet Our Meteorologist

Brad Luchen